Mindfulness For Beginners

This FREE 22-page guide gives you everything you need to have a solid and successful mindfulness meditation practice.  5 different types of mindfulness meditation included.  Step by step instructions.   ALSO journal prompts and space to journal.

Let's learn and teach meditation and mindfulness, together.

We transform people into successful practitioners, coaches and teachers  by teaching proven methods we use ourselves. 



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Hi – I’m Jim Van Wyck.  I have been meditating daily since 1982 and teaching meditation since the early 90’s. Because I don’t think any one school has all the answers, I have trained with Buddhists, Sufis, Christian Monks and others. I have formal teaching certificates for Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Mindfulness Teacher Training.

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Lisa James

Mindfulness Coach

As a successful life coach adding mindfulness coaching to my toolkit has helped my clients immensely! Mindfulness coaching has also attracted two or three new high-paying clients each month.  If you want better results for your coaching clients AND more clients too, Jim’s mindfulness coach program was just right for me and might be right for you too.


Susan Caswell

Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach

I got totally burned out as a Registered Nurse during the pandemic and was looking for something new and exciting.  But it had to be in a helping profession.  I’m a people-helper through and through.  The mindfulness coach course was something I had not considered, as I wasn’t a really experienced meditator.  I developed a solid once-a-day mindfulness routine during the course, and when I finished I got 4 clients my first month!  I’m happy with my new work.

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Do money Mantras Really work?

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